Required Equipment-

To ensure your child's safety, we have provided the following list of equipment as a minimum standard for participating in the program activities:
  • Uniform- Junior Guards are required to wear their uniform everyday they attend camp for the purpose of safety, uniformity, and accountability. The mandatory uniform items are:
    • OCJG T-Shirt (OCJG Sweatshirt OK)
    • OCJG Boardshorts or Swimsuit
    • OCJG Rashguard
    • The uniform must be worn for the safety and wellbeing of the junior guards. Junior guards will not be permitted to participate in the day's activities without their full uniform
  • Surf Fins- Any soft rubber fin that secures around the ankle with an open heal (no adjustable straps). There are a variety of brands including Duck Feet, DaFin, Viper, BZ, etc. Any fin that is designed for bodysurfing or bodyboarding will suffice. Fins will be available for sale at Hobie during uniform distribution.
  • Towel- It is recommended to bring more than one towel each day. We will be in and out of the water frequently and towels can become uncomfortably soggy.
  • Sun Block- We will provide sun block for the junior lifeguards but we also require a personal supply for your children. Any waterproof sun block with SPF greater than 30 will suffice. Waterproof lip protection is also highly recommended and should be reapplied throughout the day.
  • Packed Lunch and Water- There will be a 45-minute lunch break each day. It is important for your children to eat a nutritious lunch and drink ample amounts of water to keep up their energy level and remain hydrated. Sodas can actually dehydrate the body and are not recommended. We recommend foods high in energy such as sandwiches, granola bars, fruits, and yogurt. **IMPORTANT** LUNCH MUST BE PACKED IN A HARD PLASTIC CASE OR COOLER. SQUIRRELS AND BIRDS CAN RIP THROUGH CLOTH AND PAPER LUNCH BAGS!
  • Warm Clothing- In the morning hours and on overcast or windy days, the air temperature can be quite cool at the beach. Junior lifeguards should be prepared for cool temperatures and bring their OCJG sweatshirt to the beach each day.
  • Beach Bag- Junior lifeguards should bring a bag large enough to hold all their equipment including fins, towels, lunch, extra clothing, and wetsuit. Their bag should also be easy to carry (preferably a backpack) so they can walk without difficulty down to the campsite. Bags should also be labeled with the junior lifeguard’s name clearly printed.
  • Flip Flops/Sandals- The junior lifeguards must wear sandals every day to the program to protect their feet on the walk to and from the beach and parking lot.
Optional Recommended Equipment-

The following items are not required for program participation but highly recommended:
  • Sunglasses- Sunglasses will be useful while the junior lifeguards are taking a break from physical activity on the beach and help protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. However, these items are expensive and can be lost or damaged if not taken care of. All junior lifeguards will be responsible for their own equipment.
  • Wetsuit- Wetsuits provide extra warmth and comfort in the ocean. It is very important for your child to try on these items when you are purchasing them and make sure they fit like a "second skin". Wetsuits come in different styles, which provide different amounts of warmth and flexibility. Please consult a store attendant when you are shopping for a wetsuit.