Beach pollution is a common problem that exists in highly populated areas. In the mid-summer months, beach goers deposit thousands of pounds of trash at the beach. At the end of the day, the beach can be littered with trash ranging from plastic wrappings, to glass bottles.

Sea life is greatly affected by trash. Plastic wrappers and packaging can become easily tangled around the necks of sea birds, sea lions, and fish. When these animals are affected by pollution, the ecosystem as a whole suffers because the delicate balance of the food chain is disrupted.

Trash also affects the safety and well being of the beach goers. Glass containers are prohibited at most beaches because they can break and become buried under the sand where they may be stepped on. Litter also takes away from the pristine beauty the beaches have to offer. The beach is a place to enjoy the feeling of being in nature and experience the refreshing feeling the sand and ocean have to offer. Please do you part in picking up after yourself and helping to keep the beach beautiful and free of litter.