OC Junior Guards Assistant Program
Overview of the Assistant Position

*OC Junior Guards offers more advanced training and experiences geared towards a professional ocean lifeguard career. Junior guards ages 13-15 can tryout for the elite "Orca Group" during their session of enrollment which consists of an advanced curriculum that models OC Lifeguards' Ocean Lifeguard Training Academy. The top junior guards from the Orca group are selected for the OC Junior Guard Assistant position for the following year. OC Junior Guard Assistants participate in the OC Junior Guard program as Volunteers and do not have to pay an enrollment fee (uniform fee will be charged). They work along side instructors and are assigned leadership, safety, equipment, and curricular activities that prepare them for a career in marine safety and beyond. On average, approximately 30% of OC Lifeguard recruits are former OC Junior Guard Assistants and end up becoming top notch ocean lifeguards. This part of the program is highly recommended for junior guards who want to take the skills they have learned as junior guards to the next level of serving the public and helping others.


**All returning OCJG Assistants must contact our Assistant Supervisor to confirm their availability and scheduling by May 1st. Please also ensure that you have created an OCJG account and have registered your child. Please email cpierce@oclg.org to confirm your availability or if you have any questions regarding the OCJG Assistant Program.

**All OCJGs who have recently completed the Orca Program and are interested in applying for the OCJG Assistant Position, please click the following link to fill out an application. (OCJG Assistant Application)

How to Become an Assistant
  *Become an Orca
  **A competitive selection process is conducted by instructors at the beginning of each session for enrolled 13-15 year old junior guards who want to qualify for the Orca Group. Orca candidates must possess strong capabilities in ocean swimming, paddling, running, rescue, and be motivated to perform at a high fitness level.
**It is highly recommended that Orca candidates participate in at least one session of OC Junior Guards prior to trying out for the group due to the intense nature of the curriculum.
**The Orca curriculum is a two-week program. One week sessions will be combined into two consecutive weeks for the Orca curriculum. Participants must complete the entire two-week session and participate in all the activities to be eligible for selection to the Assistant position.
  *Receive Instructor Recommendation for the Assistant Position
  **During the Orca curriculum, students will be tested and evaluated by their instructor to determine if they have what it takes to become an OC Junior Guard Assistant.
**Qualified students will receive a recommendation by their instructor that will put them on the Assistant Candidate List for the following year of Junior Guards.
  *Final Selection
  **Assistant Candidates will be contacted by OC Junior Guard Staff in the Spring prior to the start of the junior guard season to confirm their availability and interest in the position.
**Final selection will be made from the Assistant Candidate List based upon prior evaluation, availability, and the number of openings.
**In some cases, an additional competetive event may be held in conjunction with the final selection process.
  *Attend Pre Season Meetings and Training
  **Selected Assistants will be required to attend pre season meetings and trainings to help prepare them for their role in the program.
**Further details on meeting and training times will be given to parents and students by phone and email as the season approaches.
  *Assignment and Performance
  **Selected Assistants will be assigned to a session or sessions and be expected to fullfill their commitments in their entirety.
**Assistants will receive a special uniform that identifies them apart from other junior guards. They will be expected to represent the program in a positive light through their leadership, effort, professionalism, and positive attitude.
**Assistants will receive ongoing instruction and evaluation to help them improve their skills and knowledge and excel as valuable members of the OC Junior Guard Team.
For More Info on the Assistant Program Contact:  Click Here