OC Junior Guards is operated by OC Lifeguards, the marine safety authority for the County of Orange since 1990. OC Lifeguards strives to educate the public and raise marine safety awareness both on and off the beach through its lifeguards' daily interaction with beach visitors and through its marine safety education programs. We strongly believe that with proper education and understanding of ocean hazards and conditions, most accidents at the beach can be prevented or avoided. Whether a student is interested in ocean sports such as surfing, paddling, swimming, and diving, or aspires to become a professional ocean lifeguard, the OC Junior Guard program will prepare them with the knowledge, skills, respect for the ocean, and confidence needed to safely explore their interests in the ocean environment.

OC Junior Guards operates at Strands Beach in Dana Point, California and is open to all boys and girls ages 8-15 who can meet a minimum proficiency requirement for swimming and treading water. Students meet in the parking lot at Selva Road and PCH each day of camp and walk as a group under instructor supervision to and from the camp down on the north end of the beach. Strands Beach offers a variety of features and conditions that allow for a wide range of activities for every level. The core curriculum of the program is designed to give the students a solid foundation of fundamental ocean skills and knowledge that can be built upon to take their interests to the next level. The core curriculum taught during a session consists of:

  Oceanography- marine weather, waves, currents, sand movement, winds, tides
Personal Safety- sun protection, proper equipment, knowing your limits, recognizing hazardous conditions
Surf Hazards- rip currents, submerged rocks, sand bars, long shore currents, shore break
Surf Skills- safe and effective entry and exit through surf, protecting the head and neck, bodysurfing, bodyboarding, surfing, paddling, water etiquette ocean swimming, snorkeling
Lifesaving- recognizing persons in distress, rescue equipment, lifeguard operations and personnel, first aid, emergency medical system, lifeguard communications
Fitness and Competition- calisthenics, running, swimming, paddling, OCJG Vitamin (waterman/woman event), CSLSA Regional Jr. Lifeguard Competition
Ecology- Intertidal zones, marine wildlife, conservation, pollution


The safety of the junior lifeguard students is our number one priority. As a public safety agency, training and safety protocols are intertwined in everything we do as lifeguards on a daily basis. OC Junior Lifeguard Instructors are extensively trained and qualified as first responders and ocean lifeguards in accordance with United States Lifesaving Association Advanced Agency Standards and are current active duty lifeguards for OC Lifeguards. OC Lifeguards conducts thorough background and reference checks on its employees to further ensure only trustworthy, law abiding and qualified personnel are providing these valuable services to the public. Our instructors' experience with protecting the lives of beach goers is translated into the daily activities of the junior guard program to ensure student safety in and out of the water at all times. We believe that when safety comes firsts, fun can follow.

So what are you waiting for? If you love the beach and want to have the time of your life this summer, OC Junior Guards is the place to be! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!